Avoid Side Effects with Transdermal Application of Miracle Mineral Supplement.

Transdermal MMS is sanctioned by Jim Humble,(inventor of MMS.)  The following protocol has been compliled by Jim Smith.

Jim rewrote the trandermal cancer protocol to this MMS transdermal protocol.   He knew that taking medicines transdermally has benefits, usually more of the medicine is absorbed by the body and less side effects.

This is a single dose recipe and should be repeated throughout the day until the desired amount of drops of MMS have been taken.

There are two major differences to this method.  First, you add DMSO to the mixture, and secondly, the treatment is more forgiving as you increase doses.  You may be able to skip from one drop to three drops and so on until you reach your desired dose.  These are the steps to follow:

1) Put your drops of MMS in a small bowl,
2) Add 5 drops of the "activator" (citric acid, lemon juice or lime juice), for each 1 drop of MMS.
3) WAIT 3 minutes (stir at first and every 30 seconds) to make the chlorine dioxide,
4) Add 3/4 of a teaspoon of DMSO,
5) WAIT an additional 3 minutes (stir at first and every 30 seconds) for the DMSO to bind to the chlorine dioxide.

  Putting the Mixture on the Skin:

When the second three minute wait is completed, you can rub the entire mixture onto your skin.  Spread the mixture so that it is thin on your skin. This way it will penetrate faster and will create less of a skin rash.

If is very important to rotate where you put the mixture on the skin.

During the "prep" day you will take "One Dose" 3-4 times, where each dose is separated by 1 hour.  The first time you may want to put it on your arms.  The second time you may want to rub it on your leg thighs.  The third time you may want to rub it on your leg calves.  The next time you use it you will rotate back to your arms, and so on.  The person's back can also be used.

By rotating where you put the mixture your skin has 3 hours to completely recover from the DMSO pulling the chlorine dioxide through the skin.

You also have another way to protect your skin.  Ten minutes after putting the "One Dose" on the appropriate place on your body (if you can wait that long), you can put MSM Water on that location of the skin if there is any rash developing.  I would use this after every one hour dose.

To make MSM water, take 1 gallon of distilled (only) water, draw off 1 1/2 cups, then add 1 1/2 cups of MSM powder. Shake vigorously.  Another way is to heat the distilled water to 125 degrees, then mix in the MSM powder.

Also after doing your MMS treatments for the day, apply pure virgin organic coconut oil to the area.  This is the very best skin lotion, all natural and organic.  You could also use the gel of an Aloe plant which is very soothing.

It should be mentioned that latex gloves, rubber gloves or any other kind of gloves should NOT be used to spread any mixture containing DMSO. The DMSO can pull the materials in these gloves through the skin, so make sure you use your bare hands.

Note: If at any time during the you do not feel well, terminate the treatment immediately. This treatment is not toxic, but there may be individuals who have a reaction to the DMSO or chlorine dioxide. This is why we start with one drop!

Sample Schedule:

Let us assume you start at 8:00 A.M. Your schedule would look like this:
Dose #    
                                 Time                           What to Take 
Hour #01-DOSE                     8:00 AM (0800)           One Dose       
Hour #01-MSM                       8:30 AM (0830)           MSM Water ONLY       
Hour #02-DOSE                     9:00 AM (0900)           One Dose       
Hour #02-MSM                       9:30 AM (0930)           MSM Water ONLY       
Hour #03-DOSE                     10:00 AM (1000)         One Dose       
Hour #03-MSM                       10:30 AM (1030)         MSM Water ONLY       
Hour #04-DOSE                     11:00 AM (1100)         One Dose   

You are DONE (no MSM is needed after the last "One Dose").

This would be a good time to apply the coconut oil.
  It doesn't matter what time of the day you take the actual treatment. That is up to you, but from beginning to end it is 3-4 complete hours.

The most important advantage of taking MMS transdermally is that higher doses can be taken (actually small doses are taken several times), and the high daily doses can be achieved much more quickly.




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